3980% FASTER

Find your targeted leads quicker with just a few clicks


Save unbelievable amount of costs on Ads, VA’s and staff to do repetitive work

1000x EASIER

Automate everything by using our robots with a chrome extension


We are System As a Service

We Are More Than A SaaS Platform.

We’re More Than A SaaS Platform. You’ll work side-by-side with us to design your entire sales funnel from the ground up, using powerful direct-response copywriting as you would find in any one of Dan Kennedy’s campaigns! From creating personas to getting every detail of your business. Creating powerful messages that speak directly to prospects and engage them emotionally so you can finally stop shoving duct-taped funnels down their throat!

Full Funnel Planner All In One Place

Lead Searching System

Advance Analytics Dashboard

Unlimited Videos & Course Uploads

Social Media Scheduler

Unlimited Funnel & Page Builder


3 Simple Step To Get Started

Get Your Leads

Use Rapidleads Scraper to find specific lead targets instantly and add them into your CRM.

Start Your Msg

Using our million-dollar snapshot templates, you can easily customize messages, landing pages, funnels, and automation workflows. We'll walk you through every step, set up DKIM, SPF, DMARC and help warm up your emails for you! (Yes, we make sure your emails don't go into spam!)

Get You Sales

Watch the leads warm up and roll in like clockwork as we automate your entire sales process from start to finish. We'll deploy an army of robots that personalize every message you set up on emails, DMs and private messages for maximum effect! Your calendar will be full up sooner than expected with new prospects—and they're all just waiting at their computers ready to buy something.

Replace your existing
tools in a single platform

With Rapidleads Pro, You Will
Be Able To

Spend Less Time Struggling To Find Leads

Imagine having a tool that can help you generate hundreds of leads in just minutes. It’s easy to use and it works with any website or blog. Best of all, it doesn’t require any technical skills so anyone can start generating leads right away.

Finally, Having The Time To Focus On What You’re Good At

Get an army of robots that can do the heavy lifting for you. They’ll qualify your leads so that only qualified prospects reach your inbox. Then they’ll nurture those prospects until they become paying customers or sales opportunities for you to close yourself! So you can focus on what’s important to you.

Enjoy Having All Your Tools In One Place, Making Your Life Easier

With Rapidleads Pro, you can easily manage all your marketing tools in one place. This means less time wasted on trying to figure out how to use different software, and more time spent on actually growing your business.

Know Exactly What’s Working And What’s Not Based On Data

All the leads in the CRM and pipeline organized. All your Facebook Ads & Google Ads data automatically tracked and organized for you. This means you can easily see which ads are working and adjust your campaigns accordingly. And since all the data is in one place, you can make important decisions based on real numbers instead of guesswork.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools

Why better

RapidLeads Pro

Why Is Rapidleads Pro Better ?

Unlimited Funnels, Website & Landing Page Creation

With one easy to use interface, you can create compelling websites with fully customized menus. With our intuitive platform it is never been easier!


Simple Drag ‘n Drop Surveys & Forms

The power of our platform lies in its ability to capture leads through surveys and forms. You can integrate directly with the page builder or embed it on your own site for easy access, no matter where you are!


Online Appointment Scheduling System

The appointment capture process has never been easier. With our calendar application, you can schedule appointments in one straightforward flow and easily track them all by viewing your account on the website or mobile app!


Easy Customize Follow-Up Automation Workflow

You can use our Multi-channel follow up campaigns to invite leads back into your sales funnel and capture their engaged responses.


Social Media Scheduler Automate Your Posting

Schedule Facebook, Instagram, GMB, Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok (coming soon) All in one place and keep track of engagements, DMs and Msgs right in Rapidleads Pro platform.


A.I. Bot Conversations Automations

Let humans take a break and let the robots do all of your work.
No need for chat, email or phone calls when you can have A.I. conversations with users in order to book them on calendars without any human interaction!


Unlimited Course Management

You can implement unlimited video hosting with unlimited bandwidth and offer courses for free or sell course, all in one system!


Collect Payments Directly Thru Stripe

We integrate with Stripe so you can collect payments on websites, funnels and even when someone books an appointment.


Advance Analytic Reporting In One Place

With our advanced analytics tools, you can view the where your leads are and how much money has been made on each phase. You will also have access to Google Ads data combined with Facebook Campaigns Performance metrics in one dashboard!



What People Say

Phil R

“I knew I needed to be on socials but didn’t have the time or know-how. RapidLeads Pro saves me time and helps me manage my marketing on AutoPilot.”


You have questions?

We Have Answers


How much technical experience do I need to use Rapidleads Pro?

If you know how to copy and paste and edit, you are good to go.


Do I get the email address for every single lead?

You can choose from at least three options when it comes to reaching your leads. You have email, phone and Social profiles so there's no shortage of ways for you to get in touch with them!


How are you different from other lead sourcing websites?

We don't want you to have any doubts about the authenticity and freshness of our leads. Our data is sourced in real-time, whereas other lead softwares use outdated or old information that they sell over again!


Do you have support if I get stuck?

Yes, we have a help desk and most questions are answered within 30 minutes. There is also a bunch of video tutorials you can just follow yourself to solve your questions instantly.

What if I want to buy more leads than what the package offers?

You can purchase 1000 more B2B lead credits for $200 per month (1000 leads total at 20 cents each).


Can I add on additional robots?

Absolutely! You can deploy as much as you like! check this page for more information


Is my social account safe if I use robots?

100% Safe. The robot acts like you and will do random actions on the browser, such as random pauses, and clicks. We will also set limits to daily outreach so robots will not violate the policy on the social platform. You can also run on another social account we provide, not your account.


What is data enrichment?

It is a process we take to verify emails you scrape so it reduce the hard bounce rate to protect your email reputation. The system try to find whatever it can on social media using the name, email, phone number so your leads have better data. e.g. facebook url, instagram handle etc.


Do you have training videos?

Yes, we have a complete walkthrough training course to help you get set up and feel confident to start your cold outreach.

If we can only send limited mails/DMs per day to stay in policy, how do you fulfill large request?

This is where we deploy multiple accounts acting as your marketing agents to reach to people we target. The accounts are fully verified, warmed, with residential IP. The accounts are dedicated to your subscription only. We'll provide you with a VPS as well if you do not want to run on your computer. 100% safe and scalable.


How do you use robots to DM/PM leads?

We craft our robots specifically to your request and integrate to a chrome extension so you can just plugin to your chrome and run. The robot will run on your computer use your account to auto outreach to prospects you have collected in the scrape. You do not need to worry about giving away login info to us or worry about data leak. It is 100% encrypted and protected.


I want someone to do everything for me do you provide this service?

Yes, we provide full funnel design service, including VSL with edits, for a low one-time cost. We'll continue to improve and optimize until you get consistent sales and it can run auto-pilot at no extra costs.


What if the social accounts you provide get restricted?

If you have followed our recommendations and instructions, any restriced social account will be replaced along with the browser profile and IP proxy